This is Brookfield

Inspired, energetic communities designed to make even the simplest moments… extraordinary. This is Brookfield. Where all aspects of our communities are designed around your health, happiness and well-being.

In Brookfield Residential communities, your living room extends well beyond your new home! We take great care in designing safe, pedestrian-friendly communities that inspire you to try new things and keep active. There’s something about Brookfield communities that just brings people together – and creates an unmistakable small-town feel. Vibrant town centres with charming cafes and shops are local gathering spots. The abundance of public spaces and outdoor amenities inspire interaction.

There’s an unshakeable sense of pride among those who live in Brookfield Communities. Perhaps it’s the social connections they’ve established. Or the genuine feeling of belonging that comes from a community where neighbours look out for each other. It might be a connection to the locally-owned shops and cafes. Maybe it’s the enticing streetscapes, picturesque architecture and lush landscaping which only gets more beautiful over time. One thing is for sure: Brookfield Residential goes above and beyond to create thoughtfully planned communities where people love to live.

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